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There are plenty of possibilities to visit and enjoy Belgrade: walking tours, bus sightseeing tours, boats and much more! The Tourist Organization of Belgrade (TOB) arranges  several assorted tours according to your need and interests.


Walking tours
Belgrade: its people, its boulevards and walkways, seashores and gardens, sunsets, museums, cafes and restaurants, clubs, rhythm of life. Different walking tours arranged to let you discover the cultural heritage and the everyday life of a city at the border of two civilizations pulsing on the confluence of Sava and Danube.
Here just some examples of walking tours:
Belgrade Town; Belgrade Fortress; Temples of Belgrade; Old Zemun; Literary Guide to Belgrade; Topčider – Cultural-Historic and Natural Environment of Belgrade; Jevremovac Botanical Gardens; Archaeological Tour.

Belgrade bus sightseeing tourbelgrade-sightseeing-bus
If you prefer a bus sightseeing tour of Belgrade, discovering the city by wandering its streets and enjoying the guide’s interesting story of both history, architecture and local lifestyle, this kind of tour will introduce you to the central area of the city and one part of New Belgrade.
It is available every Sunday and lasts about one and a half hours. The guided tour itinerary includes Belgrade City Hall, National Parliament, Terazije, Republic Square, Studentski Trg, Belgrade Fortress, Varos Gate, Novi Belgrade, Topcidersko brdo, Dedinje, Trg oslobođenja, Slavija and Trg Nikole Pasica.


Tram Called Belgrade
Another interesting way of exploring the city of Belgrade is riding the “Tram Called Belgrade” . This kind program of tram sightseeing is available every Sunday and it lasts one hour and it is free of charge.
The itinerary includes the zoo, Tadeuša Košćuška Street, stopping at Kalemegdan, the pier, Karađorđeva Street at the Railway Stations, Nemanjina, Resavska, Kralja Aleksandra Boulevard to the Monument to Vuk, Kraljice Marije, Džordža Vašingtona, Cara Dušana to Beko.

Boat Belgrade 25
Belgrade is the city of rivers: Sava and Danube, so a panoramic sightseeing tour by boat is an amazing experience. This tour is available every day (starting from May 7) in the evening and lasts about one and a half hours. The itinerary is: Dorcol (Sports Center 25.maj) – Great War Island – Kalemegdan- Usce – Pier -Belgrade bridges -Ada Ciganlija-Ada Medjica-Dorcol.

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